About Us

Who We Are

Welcome to Enchanted Designs, an online boutique specializing in quality women’s clothing and accessories. We are also the exclusive distributor of the Enchanted Ember Candle line, hand poured, highly fragrant candles in a variety of scents sizes to perfectly compliment your chosen space and time.       

Our Vision                                                                                    

 At Enchanted Designs, we understand that beauty is more than what meets the eye; it's a feeling, an experience, and a way of being. We know that age is not to be defied; absolutely not!  Age should be celebrated and gracefully intertwined with the carefree expressions of youth. Today’s grandma isn’t chained to the rocking chair with a bun in her hair; instead, you may find her traveling to exotic places, or riding a motorcycle, or dancing with friends while turning the heads of young men. Or she may be home with family, relaxing by a fire in something comfy but chic; or baking cookies in an apron decorated in blingy bling, her enchanting presence the heart and soul of the home. Our curated collections embody that modern, ageless, spirit of woman; they are designs crafted to celebrate life, love and experience-at any age.

About Our Founder - Me!

My name is Bobbi, and I grew up in small southeast Texas town just outside of Houston. I have always had an empathetic nature and devoted 20 years as a public servant in the field of public health to those in need of compassionate service.  Just a few years before becoming eligible for retirement, I recklessly? fearlessly?  followed my heart to Belize, where I lived for 3 years on the small island of Caye Caulker. Immersed in the rich tapestry of cultures, colors, and natural beauty, my vision for Enchanted Designs took shape. It was there, among the lush rainforests and the azure Caribbean waters, that I discovered the true meaning of beauty, reflected in the women of such strength that I met there—unpretentious, pure, and ever-evolving. 

This experience has deeply influenced my approach to fashion, inspiring me to seek out pieces that are not only aesthetically stunning but also contain a sense of place and story, even if for a brief moment in time.

Upon returning to the States in 2020, I set out to share what I had learned about beauty, as well my continuous journey into the art of candle making. I like to think that my expeiences of the past decade are reflected in the curated items yo will find here.

Our Message

So welcome to our boutique, and please stay awhile; immerse yourself in timeless classics and the newest fashion, while enjoying the delicate fragrance of possibilities that burn ever-bright from our exclusive candles. We hope you won’t be disappointed, and urge you to check back often as our inventory changes.  We welcome any suggestions or comments you may have, as we strive to keep our customers impressed, engaged, and intrigued! 

We are honored you've chosen to shop with us.